Old lady hobbies are my life.

As some of you know, if you are close friends or family, I don't only make invitations. I also crochet. I have been crocheting for about five years now. I have quite a bit of experience and like to try different yarns, hooks, stitches and patterns. However, I mainly like to do blankets and try not to go out of my comfort zone too much for some unknown reason.

Over the years I have made approximately 2 afghans to fit a queen bed, 2 over sized baby blankets (Who likes those tiny baby blankets? Don't you want it to grow with your child for a couple years?) 1 hooded blanket, 20 headbands and 5 hats. Doesn't seem like a whole lot to accomplish in five years, but I mainly crochet during the winter not all year long. Although I only have 5 accomplished blankets I also have 3 additional blankets that I am working on right now. Well really only one.. I ran out of yarn for one of the blankets and the other I am planning to sell once it is accomplished so not in too much of a rush. That one I hope to post to be available next year if I don't get any more orders for big blankets.

However I am really exited about the blanket I am currently working on. This one is finally for me, myself and I. I haven't made myself anything since I have started crocheting five years ago and figured it is about time I put in a little time and money to make something I can use. This one is my pride and joy, even though its literally the simplest blanket that I have made.

I am hoping that in spare time I can whip up some smaller projects and post them for sale if anyone would be interested. I also wouldn't mind making some of my blog posts about how to crochet and posting different patterns that I have created or done if there are any interests. So please comment and let me know what you think!

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