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Updated: May 21, 2019

Well today is the day that I try to make this whole online business a thing. But I guess I should get you all caught up..

A couple months ago I started preparing for Herm's 1st Birthday party. My first party. Alone. Not thrown for me, but by me. YIKES. How was I going to do it all? By myself, sorta. On a budget. On time. Well I did it, with lots of help.

First thing first. The theme and invitations. Well I picked Little Blue Truck because he loves that book and he loves playing with his dump truck. So then I needed invitations. I went to a friend that has been getting crafty lately and I asked her if I could order some invitations. Which I did and paid for. Then when I picked them up I didn't look at them very closely. Not looking them over was not the best choice. I should have looked them over. Because I ended up not liking them as much as I did when she sent me the email proof. They just didn't meet what I had imagined. Some people say I have high standards, I may have to agree.

Well so I paid her for them, and then didn't want to send them out. What was I going to do?? I can't order more invitations from someone else, that will take too long. So I did it myself. I got out my laptop, opened word and had no clue what I was doing. But I started messing with text boxes, inserting images and shapes, rearranging shapes, changes colors, patterns and fonts of everything. Then I stepped back and realized I created something that looked pretty professional for a first timer (that's when I questioned my career choice).

At that point I didn't have any supplies, including a printer.... So I went to Meijer got some paper, a paper cutter and looked real hard for envelopes... None.. But I luckily found some at home! Then I went to the place I knew I could find a good color printer for free. My Mom and Dad's house. I got to printing and cutting. I was done, I had a final product. Something I was proud of and couldn't wait to send out! It was a long day of hard work, running around and managing an almost one year old. But. I did it.

Then I ordered a really nice color printer and started taking orders from friends! Now I hope to take orders from all of you!

Thanks for taking the time to also entertain the idea of me being a blogger.. Don't worry... This probably won't last long. The blogging that is.. I hope to make this invitation making a career and steady income so I can one day stay at home with Herm and hopefully more babies...

The first of many invitation creations.. The Little Blue Truck Invitation.

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