2020 Temperature Blanket, The Struggles are REAL

Hey babes! Well, I did it. I started the challenge that many end up dreading... I probably will be one of the many at one point or another, but I still have a positive outlook on my 2020 temperature blanket challenge! I can't wait to share my journey with you! If anyone is even there to read, I will be here to write. Just another way to challenge me and an outlet for my stress.

We now have one whole month completed. It has been a little rough if you want my honest opinion. But, let me walk you through my journey...

When starting this journey I didn't have too much inspiration. I found a couple pins on Pinterest and ran with it. All of those examples used rainbow colors, so I thought that's what you are supposed to do. And that's what I did.

I knew what yarn I wanted to use, but I waited too long to go to the store and get the colors that I wanted. I wanted a scale that gradually changed colors and I thought that there would be enough options to do that. However, when my procrastination got that best of me that wasn't the case. When I got to the store, after a huge yarn sale, the shelves were almost completely empty... Oops. Well so I changed the yarn that I got, and the only colors available were VERY vibrant colors of the rainbow... So I got what I could and was going to make it work.

Then I joined a group on Facebook called TLYC Maker. A yarn craft group ran by Toni Lipsey. Man, that made me second guess everything I knew about temp. blankets! I found out there really aren't any rules... I learned that you don't have to have so many colors, but you could have a certain color scheme and use different shades of those few colors. Oh well, I already got my yarn so I will just roll with it.

Picking a stitch/pattern was my next challenge. I didn't want to do the moss stitch which many people do, it's just not my thing. So then I wanted to try granny squares... I made a couple, however, I am not very good at crochet math, I just wing it. So when it came to joining them together I didn't want to do a join as you go because I wouldn't know how to arrange them. I also didn't know how to keep them organized throughout the year. Let's be honest, there isn't much organization when you have a toddler running around and getting into everything. Soo... I ripped out the couple squares I did and switched to the Alpine stitch in normal rows. That worked for a while... But on January 20th I realized that the blanket was getting too long too fast. So out it went...

Then I got to thinking... I went with Toni's 2019 Temperature Blanket pattern. Kind of... I didn't like the way her math worked with my OCD and the fact that it's a leap year, so we will have an extra day. I still wanted to use the five panels but I made some changes to the math and the way that the panels work. But I think I need to save that for another time...

Thanks for reading! Also sorry about the cliff hanger... Ha. Quite the cliff hanger if you ask me... But I'll catch you next time! I need to get to work on my blanket!

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