About Us

How We Got Here, Where We Are Going

Hi there! I'm Jessilyn, owner of Sage & Ivory Crafts Co.!  Here at Sage & Ivory we specialize in crafting! We are currently offering acrylic and stainless steel tumblers with vinyl decals, candles, handmade invitations and crocheted items!  As we continue to grow as will the products offered.  Right now running this business is my second job, hopefully not for long!  I am working really hard to make this my one and only job!  I am striving to be a small business owner to provide for my family!

Although Sage & Ivory is currently a second job, your order is not second!  Getting orders out is our #1 priority! After all, I can not make Sage & Ivory my only job if its not my TOP priority.  So as long as you can ride out the waves with us while we are building our foundation, I promise to make your experience with Sage & Ivory more than just satisfactory. 

Join me on this journey! I would love to be able to create something that is special to you!  From a party invitation or or tumbler to a cozy blanket to snuggle up with.  

Ordering from Sage & Ivory isn't just supporting small businesses... but also BIG DREAMS.


Current Ordering Process

Hey there, customers!  Thanks for inquiring on how to place an order! Our website is now FULLY functional! So go ahead and place your order online! For any custom blankets please send me an email with your ideas, we will talk about what you are looking for and I will start planning.  Once we decides on pattern, yarn choice and size I will send you a quote for your approval.  Once approved I will send an invoice.  Payment must be received before yarn is purchased.  Blankets may take 8-12 weeks to ship.